As a multidisciplinary soundpainter, I practice real-time composition: music, dance, theater and visual arts.

Soundpainting is a gestural language of multidisciplinary art creation in real time, developed by Walter Thompson in 1974 in Woodstock, New York. During a performance, the soundpainter (the one who directs) makes a set of signs (a universal language) to the performers and uses their responses to develop and shape the composition.

Personal experience

I discovered the language of Soundpainting in 2010, in Barcelona, during a workshop given by Walter Thompson, its creator.

This workshop was a revelation. I experienced it as an incredible creative whirlwind. Thanks to this language, I explored my piano and my voice in a way I had never done before. It also allowed me to experiment with a lot of sound materials and real time composition.

Soundpainting is a great opportunity to create with all art forms. This language is for me a big window that opens all kinds of artistic horizons.

Fascinated by its creative potential, I continued to train and practice in the presence of artists from different disciplines (music, dance, actors, visual artists), carried by this same common language.

Today, Soundpainting is an integral part of my artistic life, through various collaborations, as well as in the field of pedagogy.


Collaboration with Arnau Millà Benseny

Kollecti’F, International Poetic Cabaret

In this immersive and transformative project, designed for the 2020 Equality Week in Geneva, Switzerland, 5 women from different countries, cultures, disciplines and languages explore the intersections of form, legend, philosophy and imagination.

Two pianos with Walter Thompson free pointillism and pattern