Las Noyas

During this troubled period of more than two years, when the artists were confronted with an almost total halt of the stage, I wanted to form a female ensemble around Spanish music.

The artistic goal of las Noyas is to draw from the riches and the culture of each region of Spain, to make unusual musical pearls spring forth for our audience.

Las Noyas is composed today of Isabel de los Angeles, double bass player; Louellea Yearwood, trumpeter, and Paula de Luca, percussionist, who joins us in some projects.

Las Noyas means "women" in Catalan, but it's spelled Noias. For questions of pronunciation and aesthetics, we opted for the Y.

Antonio Perujo, with whom I have been collaborating for more than ten years, is also part of the adventure: a talented flamenco dancer, and also a marvelous player of castanets and percussion.