Cours & workshops

A great pedagogical tool

This language develops attention, sensitivity, imagination, collective listening and interaction with other disciplines.

Come and discover the workshops

A unique artistic experience!

These workshops will allow you to meet and practice creation in real time, through movement, music, visual arts and theater.

Musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, you will learn in a few hours the basics of the language with which you can all interact to create a multidisciplinary composition in the moment.

Each of you, in your own discipline, will be able to explore each sign and express yourself through this language.

This language is aimed at both professionals (musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists) and students trained in these disciplines. It is also open to anyone who wishes to live an extraordinary artistic experience.


A workshop includes:

  • The study of language signs (music, dance, visual arts, theater)
  • Experimentation with language as a performer
  • The practice of language as a soundpainter (the one who directs)
  • End of course performance Swiss Soundpainting Ensemble