Flamenco da Camera

It is a bold new project that revisits Spanish classical music and traditional flamenco: an update from the ethnic symphony of Manuel De Falla, which is inspired by the shores of the Cadiz Sea, to the most popular songs of Madrid cafés.

These two worlds are part of my culture, both the most authentic Spanish repertoire: Manuel de FALLA, Enrique GRANADOS, Eduard TOLDRA, which I played as a classical pianist, as well as the popular and traditional song, in which I bathed all my childhoods thanks to my Spanish origins.

I entrusted the musical direction and arrangements of this project to Esteve MOLERO, composer of both traditional and modern music, in folk or jazz forms.

Bulerias, fandangos, tangos, flamencos..., but also pasodobles, original compositions, waltzes, and fans. «Flamenco de camera» is the modernized version of the Spanish tradition.