Musica Association

The association

The association « Musica », based in Vernier and founded in January 2009, is dedicated to promoting music and culture by the following means:

  • Develop musical and artistic projects with children, adolescents and/or adults from the relevant communes.
  • Encourage and expose young people to music.
  • Promote and communicate these concepts through seminars, concerts, workshops, in collaboration with personalities from the world of art.

In order to ensure that this promotion of music and culture reaches a diverse public in a variety of ways, Musica Association takes a double approach: concerts as well as musical and artistic projects

The concerts

To reach its objectives, the association participates in the highlights of communal life in Vernier. By participating in promotional activities, organizing an event “at the heart of the Spanish soul” or, furthermore, performing in old people’s homes.

Artistic and musical projects

The association also works towards developing its musical and artistic projects. For this reason, it offers on a regular basis, free activities such as concerts or various workshops (musical awakening, discovering your voice, conferences, etc.)

Artistic Director
The importance of culture in the heart of a community. Thanks to my various musical experiences throughout Europe, both as a concert performer and a teacher, I wish to contribute to cultural exchange. I offer a wide range of activities such as concerts, seminars, and educational workshops for children, teenagers and adults. I am convinced that access to culture for the greatest number is fundamental. Music is a universal language that unites and creates a unique synergy between people. Having grown up in an artistic environment, thanks to which I was able to benefit from the teaching of extraordinary musicians, I wish today to share my knowledge by opening the doors of the world of music to children as well as to adults. In this spirit, the Musica association offers free awareness seminars throughout the year, accessible to all.
President and secretary
To live together strong times of sharing, exchange, emotions, this is what carries me within the association Musica which regularly proposes these moments to nourish the link thanks to the culture.
What motivates and enthuses me is certainly linked to my activity as a teacher, musician, member of different artistic ensembles, and to the fact that I am passionate about all forms of expression. But this flame I owe it especially to the "others": to the active and passive members of the association, to our artistic director, to our accountant, to our secretary, to the authorities, to the places of reception and to the public (of any age) notably.
It is a privilege to be at the heart of the action and to feel the investment of all these people thanks to whom all our activities can take place and especially make us live together warm and wonderful moments.
Asia Bormann Treasurer
As a music lover, I wish to participate and bring my help to the development of Musica's activities. It is for me a moment of sharing and meeting people. A beautiful human adventure.