Ars Musicae

Ars Musicae

20 years already... of teaching piano, singing, ensemble music and musical language.

I am convinced that music develops our faculties of concentration, presence and listening towards ourselves and others. It creates bonds and emotional moments.

My goal is to make the student aware that repetition, consistency and discipline on a daily basis can be a source of pleasure and satisfaction in learning music. The instrument then becomes a life companion. Playing suspends time, inspires, illuminates and reveals us.

Group work is vital

Common classes are organized several times a year, where students listen to each other and share their challenges. This is an important time of exchange, which restores their confidence and motivates them.

Finally, it is important to me to regularly carry out pedagogical projects, such as concerts, CD recordings or original creations, to reward the work achieved.

Piano courses

Individual piano

  • From 6 years old.
  • Begin the piano with a stimulating and revealing approach.
  • Develop, from the very first lessons, a sense of listening and rhythm.
  • Teaching based on a classical and modern repertoire. Each student can also propose pieces of his choice.


The pleasure of playing together, creating bonds of complicity and learning to encourage each other... a stimulating "cocktail"!

  • Practice with two pianos: original creations, contemporary music, film music...
  • Each student has the use of a piano during the course.
  • Musical language: 1h30 workshop each month, included in the instrumental course package.


The voice as a mirror of the soul, the breath as the best medicine for the body.

Singing favors a deep and large breath that oxygenates the blood. The practice of breath control acts on the nervous centers by rebalancing them. Singing in a group creates links, a synergy that brings together people from different backgrounds. It is also about asserting yourself and developing self-confidence by going towards your true nature and inner strength. It is never too early or too late to sing: the first thing we do when we are born is to get our voice out!

For children from 6 years old

  • Musical games, rhythms, songs, rhymes and legends
  • A very creative course where the child can explore all possible sounds with his voice.
  • Through singing, they will also become aware of their body and develop their mobility skills.
  • Classes for a small group of up to four children


  • Vocal work
  • Various songs

Workshops for adults

  • The singing workshop is open to all, beginners as well as initiated (limited number of places, 8 to 10).
  • Dates will be published in the calendar