Pianist, singer, soundpainter and educator, I play in various artistic projects and on international stages. During multiple and varied collaborations, as well as with my different formations: Las Noyas, Tremendo Cuarteto and the Swiss Soundpainting Ensemble.

Here is a summary of my artistic career.

Coming from a Spanish family of lyric singers, I grew up in a rich and intense artistic environment during my whole childhood. I studied piano at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, where I graduated with Professor Dominique Weber.

Passionate about pedagogy, I also obtained a diploma in "Initiation and musical education"

Later, I improved my skills by taking courses with Professor Fausto Zadra at the International Piano Foundation CIEM-Mozart, for which I received a three-year scholarship. I also deepened my work during various stages with Victor Merzanov, professor at the Moscow Conservatory and Jean-Claude Pennetier at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris in particular.

The singing came later in my artistic range. I wanted to sing my origins, my roots. So, I just started singing spontaneously and instinctively. At the same time, I had the chance to be guided by talented singers and teachers, whom I would like to name here, because I am very grateful to them. They are: Marga Liskutin, Rema Wiser, Sabine Jaquet and my mother Maria Pilar Cuevas.

Curious about any form of artistic expression, I am also certified in Soundpainting. I had the privilege of learning this language from its creator, Walter Thompson, who defines it as "a universal and multidisciplinary language that allows you to compose in real time".

In 2000, I created my musical center, Ars Musicae (Vernier, Geneva) in parallel with my artistic activity, a space where the teaching of music is lived in benevolence, joy and trust.

Since 2009, I have also contributed to the cultural life of Vernier, my town of origin, through my association Musica, which regularly offers concerts and workshops for young and old.